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Welcome to the Teddy Bear and Hobby Museum and to the Museum Shop! Here lots of cuddly, soft teddies are waiting for new friends to whom they can give a sense of security in life’s ups and downs. In addition to various soft toys, you can buy stamps, postcards, banknotes and coins in the Museum Shop.

Old teddy bears – such as Taata (Grandpa) who is 100 years of age – remind us of the long tradition of manufacturing soft toys. The museum takes great pride in its collection of Misha bears, i.e. mascots of the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. Disney’s well-known bear characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Baloo and Kodi are also well represented.

Old Russian porcelain, especially the lively animal figurines made of it, are simply enchanting. Among these and other European creations you will find many familiar fairy-tale figures.

Our collection of old cameras allows you to have a glimpse into the past when camera mobile phones were not known. The collection is crowned by an elegant process camera from the 1960s.

Old coins, banknotes and stamps have inspired many people to start collecting. In our museum you can see these collectables from different periods of time and from different countries.

Why not change the season? Our exhibition of Christmas toys is open throughout the year and comprises Christmassy teddy bears and postcards which are also available in the Museum Shop.

Model railways have always fascinated children, especially boys. They also bring back happy memories of childhood to older museum visitors. There is a charming example of a model railway in the Teddy Bear and Hobby Museum too.

Teddy Bear and Hobby Museum

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